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Proclear 1 Day Contacts Proclear Toric Contacts Freshlook Colors Contacts
Proclear 1 Day (90 pack)
Market Price $69.99
Our Low Price $54.45
**Only $52.45 when buying 4 or more boxes**
Proclear Toric (6 pack)
Market Price $54.99
Our Low Price $46.45
**Only $42.45 when buying 4 or more boxes**
FreshLook Colors Opaque (6 Pack)
Market Price $39.99
Our Low Price $33.95
Proclear 1 Day are daily disposable soft contact lenses. Proclear Toric are monthly disposable soft contact lenses. Freshlook Colors provide natural-looking color changes for dark eyes.
Proclear Multifocal XR (6 pack) Biofinity Contacts Acuvue 2 Colours Opaque Contacts
Proclear Multifocal XR (6 pack)
Market Price $156.00
Our Low Price $129.45
Biofinity (6 pack)
Market Price $46.95
Our Low Price $30.45
Acuvue 2 Colours Opaque (6 pack)
Market Price $34.99
Our Low Price $29.45
Proclear Multifocal XR are monthly disposable soft contact lenses. Biofinity are monthly disposable soft contact lenses. Acuvue 2 Colours Opaque two-week lens change any eye color.

Shopping For Contact Lenses? Welcome To Our Store!

Welcome to Contact Lens Reorders® where you can buy brand name replacement contact lenses at discounted prices. Since 2008,  Contact Lens Reorders® provided contact lens shoppers with safe, reliable and low-cost alternative. We have one of the lowest prices of all authorized contact lens online sellers which 40-70% lower than at your doctor's office, and have some of the most flexible Return & Exchange policies Read Less...

Why Choosing Contact Lens Reorders® To Buy Your Contact Lenses?

At  Contact Lens Reorders®, a licensed eye care professional reviews your contact lens order, checks it against your prescription and ensures that you get the right contacts. We help you interpret and enter your contact lens prescription into the order form, and work with your eye care provider (ECP) if needed. You will receive your contact lenses in the mail or at your door steps on-time and with no hassle. 

What Do You Need To Buy Contact Lenses Online?

To buy contact lenses on the internet all you need is a valid contact lens prescription regardless whether you shopping for toric contacts for astigmatismprogressive or bifocal contacts for presbyopia, or colored contact lenses. Once you place an order with  Contact Lens Reorders®, we verify your contact lens prescription making sure that you are getting the right lenses. Moreover the law requires us to do so. We review your contact lens prescription faxed or emailed to us, or contact your vision care provider to confirm it.

No Processing or Handling Fees At Checkout! 

With Contact Lens Reorders®, you NEVER pay any processing fees on contact lens orders; and orders over $99 will SHIP FREE in the US. Even for the smaller orders, all you pay is our low shipping cost which you will know in advance. Nothing gets people more upset than seeing those extra fees: "processing fees", "handling fees" or some other "hope-you-would-not-notice fees" added at the last minute. Suddenly, that "cheapest contact lens price" is not cheap anymore once you factor in those hidden charges. When we say "free shipping" - we really mean it, it is really FREE, and when we advertise "low price contacts" - we really mean LOW.

Would I Receive The Same Contact Lenses I Get From My Optician?

At Contact Lens Reorders®! we sell The Same Exact Contact Lenses as you would get at your eye doctor's office - but for a cheaper price. We sell all popular contact lens brands including AcuvueProclearPureVisionFocusFreshLook, as well as hard-to-find specialty lenses such as toriccoloraspheric and bifocal/multifocal contacts. We are one of the few internet retailers that are part of the highly selective Authorized Retailer program by Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue) and Hydrogel Vision (Extreme H2O). We ship authentic, factory-fresh contacts made by leading manufacturers, including VistakonCIBA VisionBausch & Lomband CooperVision, from our warehouse or make them to be shipped to you directly by the manufacturers.

Can I Pay For Contact Lenses Through FSA Or Get Insurance Reimbursement?

Yes, you can! Contact lens purchases are considered qualifying expenses according to the Flexible Spending Account rules. We are a member of the number of vision benefit plans, and out-of-network provider for many others. We also are part of Avesis and Coast to Coast Vision (CTC) provider networks. If you have a different vision care or health insurance plan which cover contact lens purchases, and if your plan allows out-of-network coverage, we will provide you with a detailed receipt needed to get reimbursed.